Hello Neighbor,

Please allow me to introduce our street outreach. My name is J. Abraham, and I am the lead minister of the International Street Outreach Ministry.

We are a non-denominational, multi-ethnic community that has experienced God’s love.

I would like to personally invite you and your family to join us in weekly fellowship.

Why we do what we do!

Sunrise Street Outreach started in January 2000 as a home group. The Lord place on the heart of Abraham to return to Sunrise where he was saved.

On 16 place, in Sunrise Pastor Abraham had accepted the lord as his personal savior in 1995. Together with his wife and two kids, they sold their house in Coral Springs and moved to Sunrise.

The outreach started as a weekly bible study. The Abraham family didn’t know how to conduct a home group or what needed to be done, just walking in obedience to what the Lord had instructed.

The Lord provided others to come along our side, to guide and encourage us in our walk. That year we had our first outreach on Resurrection weekend where we handed out tracks , hot dogs, witness to others, and invited all to our home group.

Christmas of 2000 we had our second outreach, we walked around the community signing carols and proclaiming the good news of our savior birth. In 2001 another aspect of the outreach was form “movie night”.

In 2002 we had our first block party where food, fun, music, and presenting the gospel were served.

Our Story

Since 2000 the Lord has place a desire in others to come serve at Street Outreach to advance the kingdom of God. As an outreach we have expanded and are expanding because of the faithful workers that are following the leading of the Holy Spirit to serve at Sunrise Street Outreach.

Currently, we are meeting the needs of the community with the following programs: Food pantry, family and individual counseling, annual block party, bi-weekly bible study groups, bi-weekly street services, monthly movie nights, worship music concerts with live groups, prayer nights, and spiritual guidance and encouragement.

In addition we are teaching and equipping the children and young adults in the real life issues of behavior, attitude, school attendance, drugs, abstinence, and more.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many."

Meet the Team

Our team is committed to following the Lord and serving this community.



J. Abraham

Lead Pastor


Camille Abraham

Associate Pastor


Peter Persaud

Associate Pastor

Community Leaders


Ms. Rachel



Ms. Ester



Ms. Simone


Mission Statement:

To restore and enrich communities,  by providing to families in need, essential services through Christian spirituality, ministry, counseling, education, entertainment, recreation, church and social activities, food pantry and other means that which will enhance and promote growth in the lives of families and youth.

The Mission of the International Street Church is to focus on the total needs of the community by first addressing the spiritual needs, providing to families and individuals the essential services and other means that will enhance and promote whole lives and general and eternal well being.

Our focus:

  • Christian spirituality – Having a personal Relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Ministry – Communicating eternal principles for guidance and stability in life.
  • Counseling – Providing intervention and guidance to help through the hard times and teach how to make wise decisions.
  • Education – Teaching on the ways of Jesus, leading by example and putting into action what you learn
  • Recreation and social activities – Providing opportunities to develop appropriate social skills and behavior by interacting in a relationally warm and accepting environment.
  • Church – Gathering of the believers, Preaching of the Word of God and Worshiping the King of Kings
  • Food pantry – Supply those in need through the giving of physical food as well as spiritual food

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